Ethan_Brown’s ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @ OTHH

Feel free to tag me next time you open!

Opening at DFW training server

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I’m here! Gonna do some patterns, feel free to move me around and practice whatever you would like

Lmfao I’m sorry bro I zoned out so bad and completely missed my runway LOL

DFW now closed

Some time tomorrow I will control OTHH on training server because it’s on the Atc schedule

OTHH now open training server 🇶🇦

Now closed There are tons of stupid trolls who are not following instructions

This tends to be the case when you open at large hubs for your training session. If you’re looking to have more professional pilots come to an airport you’re controlling at, consider choosing an airport with less traffic. Not only would you have fewer trolls to deal with, but more serious pilots might see this and take the opportunity to fly at your airport.


I just passed my written test

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Congrats! Feel free to tag me whenever you open, and I’ll stop by if I can and give you some feedback :)

Now open at KJAC expert server runway 1 in use

KJAC now closed

Hey Ethan. Glad you passed your practical test and are now part of the IFATC team!

This ATC Tracking Thread has fulfilled its purpose and it is no longer necessary to announce here when controlling the Expert Server. Airport announcements will remain on the IFATC server on discord.

This one can be closed. Congrats e welcome to IFATC.