Ethan_Brown’s ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @ OTHH

Here’s my new tracking thread I will start by opening centennial airport in Colorado
RW 17L is for jet takeoffs and Landing RW 10 is for light aircraft takeoff and landing hope to see you there it’s a beautiful Airport that I’ve actually seen because my aunt and uncle live near it See you in Centennial


Also I’m in training server because I’m trying to get some more practice before applying for IFATC


stopping by now by the callsign : M00N :))


i will join for some pattern work after 25mins

Ok I will be eating lunch for now then I will come back

alrighty sorry for those terrible landings the winds are unbelievable haha

Yeah you smash the Cessna but kind of butter the 220

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shhh we dont talk about it :D

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Feel free to tag me next time you open!

@PaulJ i am opening ADS Addison Airport

still open? im in a training session, I can swing by after

I am still open Been 30 minutes with no one on frequency

Are you almost ready

Dallas Love Field now open Runway 31R in use

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I will be there in 5 minutes

I am in training server

Dallas Love Tower now closed

Feedback from OY-LOL!

  • Since you had told to make right traffic in the beginning when you cleared me for take off, you did not need to tell me to make right traffic when you cleared me for the option again.

  • When I requested a runway changed, you did not give any instructions.

Here are the Oficial IF ATC instructions.

For not giving you instructions on the runway change it’s because in real life Dallas love currently has a Notam and runway 31 left is currently closed for maintenance which is why I only 31 right is being used in for the telling you to make right traffic it’s just something that I’ve encountered in real life as a student pilot where controllers always give me traffic direction when doing touching goes in the downwind no matter how many I do they always say left or right traffic after I do it so that’s just something I had from experience and trying to be realistic following that notam

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You still open?