Ethan_Brown’s ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @KDFW

I am opening KDAL Dallas Love Field in training server runway 13L - 31R in use

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Just a heads up, its KDAL not JDAL ;)

Oops i ment KDAL

is it already done?


I was VT VAR.

So there were many commands which were not needed at all.

  1. Taxi instruction was right but as there was no other aircraft around me and I was near to the runway so I switched to Tower. Then calling me for contacting Ground was useless.

  2. The take off command was good but we don’t say Turn Cross wind unless the controller has asked aircraft to Extend upwind .

  3. Then you told me to Turn left baseand it was not needed. We say Turn Base only if to control the trafic on the same runway.

  4. Clearance was too late. It should be early and only Number 1 clear for Option.

If I ask for a runway change or I’m fying in from a different Airport then we say Number clear for option after the option Turn left traffic. So it was not needed as I few from he same airport and was on the same runway .

  1. Exit runway command was very late . For a Jet it should be between 85 kts to 60 kts. ( I prefer this when I control)

Thanks for having me.



Atc now closed

BIKF Iceland 🇮🇸 now open Training Server Runways 19 and 10 in use

Now closed no one showed up

I was coming in lol

@Joao_Christ I will go back

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Great, I will perform patterns…

Thanks Man

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Wow… it’s literally impossible to perform patterns in BIKF!

In a few minutes it sends you feedback, @Ethan_Brown.

@Joao_Christ How is it impossible to do patterns

The intense wind (+40kts) and the low visibility are getting in the way a lot lol

Yes that’s why I had you land on 19

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  • After the pushback, even though I haven’t requested a taxi, you sent me a taxi authorization and I still hadn’t completed the procedures after the pushback. Whenever this is the case, wait for the aircraft taxi request to send the authorization there.

  • Good catch in instructing me to use taxiways preferred by you and help me get onto runway 10. But remember that this will not always be necessary and also possible, since in cases of intense movement, I believe that this type of instruction will not be a priority.


  • I believe you could have sent me the entry instruction (change runway) a little earlier, this could have helped me prepare for landing on that other runway.

This is my feedback about your session as ATC. Keep studying the IFATC guide manual and you will achieve this achievement soon. Good luck!

It’s my birthday so join me on training serever at DFW runways in use all 36 and 35 runways also I will be doing a birthday event on expert server later

I switched to Hou still training server