Eternity's ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @Passed Practical

Hi everyone! This is my ATC Tracking Thread. Please feel free to fly by as I am trying to practice for the IFATC practical, and any feedback is appreciated. Thanks!

Status: Closed


Sever: Training Server

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Ping me when you open. Thanks!

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Feedback (VT-ALX).

Good transition altitude and the pattern entry!

Sorry, I had to go without finishing the patterns. Feel free to ping me next time you open.


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Tag me next time you open

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No problem!

@Butter575 @BrandonHG @BingoFuel
Now open at KADW!

KADW GT now closed

Hello IFC! I just passed my practical exam! And I would like to thank my recruiter @Korgast for helping me answer any questions I have. At the same time, I also want to thank the testers @LeoC @ToasterStroodie @Magician @David_ZGGG @Cooper @Eugene_Leybovich @TimShan05 @PilotFabian who came to take my practical exam today! Hope you all have a good day and let us meet in the server!


Welcome to the team @Eternity

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Thank you!

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