Eternal Varig

Today I participated in an internal event that was held at @Ethiopian_Virtual which was to fly from RCKH to VHHX. In this event it was available to fly with some aircraft, among them the 777-200ER was available, so as I am a Brazilian who loves Varig I decided to fly in honor of this great airline.

  • Here are some records I took of this flight.

Starting Standard procedures before taxi

Fueled aircraft, everything ready to start the taxi

Waiting my turn to take off from runway 27

“Cleared for takeoff, Varig 146”

“Frequence change approved, good day.”

I couldn’t capture the landing at Kai Tak, as I had to concentrate on the approach, not just any pilot can land there.

This was the flight, I hope you like the photos.

Learn more about varig by clicking Here

“A maneira mais elegante de voar” - Varig


A super fun ET Event, glad you loved the renowned challenging approach to VHH😄❤️
Brilliant photos there! 👏

ooommmmgggg I love Varig, I’m from Varig hometown so I feel it :')

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Glad and happy to see that some people still likes to fly this beautiful! Happy to see this livery getting some attention!

Also, wonderful photos!

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Seria um orgulho para nós brasileiros ver a Varig voando hoje em dia!


If only there was a free VARIG! You bet I’d fly it every time!

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Awesome ETVA event, more to come!! Thank you for attending and having fun :)

Wow! Great photos of a great livery!