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Is it correct for my ETE to say that my flight from KLAX-KJFK will last 4 hours? I feel like it should be longer? And is it normal for my ground speed to be 520kts or is that to fast?

Plane: 777-300ER
Speed: 520kts ground speed
Altitude: FL350


Keep in mind that your ETE will change depending on current speed and winds. It will not calculate going slower at a lower altitudes for example.


Please remember your ETE can change drastically depending on a whole host of different variables. Once you are at your cruising altitude then your ETE is most likely going to be quite reliable, but again this will change when going into descent due to winds, go arounds, heavy traffic, Fuel dumping etc.

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It depends of the winds

Ok, Thank You

Remember that the wind will effect your ETE and your ground speed.

I recommend you fly accordingly to the jetstream, you could fly even faster ;)

Here is a screenshot of actual winds at FL340

How do you get the winds?
I have been looking for a while now wondering how to find winds out in IF


You can use to find out the winds or just use the winds underneath the airspeed on the hud 😉

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actually relatively slow for the way youre going ive gotten nearly 600kts in a jet stream. Also the route is around 2,100NM so if you do the math it would be around 4 hours. That is subject to change though because youre already at cruising so have probably traveled 50-150nm therefore cutting off 20min of flight time, also the wind could change so you could arrive even earlier or much later. Lastly ete to dest doesnt count you going slower on descent. Descent takes a good 20-45min to travel 50-200nm.

heres the link to the website

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Thank you very much 😊

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Thank you 😊

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Best website for basic aviation weather

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