ETE to dest not moving

I’m doing a flight now from LAX to WAW, and I’m flying more than hour and the ETE isn’t moving… I have 9:38 and it’s not moving

You got any screenshot?

One min please…

Send two screenshots, Showing difference in flight time.

Not it’s moving to 9:23 and when I departed it told me 9:20

Lol yeah the ETE always varies from speed to speed.

I’m in the same speed

519 kts is fine I think

Can you take a picture now and then send please?

Yes, wait please…

0.87 Mach is actually the limit I guess for expert server. Not sure.

Now it’s 9:19, weird

Bruh man. The ETE is Estimated Time to your destination

It should change time to time. Nothing weird here.

Because one hour ago it told me 9:20 and I’m in the same speed

The ETE means Estimated Time (Dest.) or Estimated Time (Next WP). It would change from time to time, as you travel across. There’s nothing weird of it going up and down, sometimes the winds change and the ETE changes too. Hope if this makes some sense yah.

OK… By the way, do you know a good fuel planner?

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I usually use this website to get FPLs and fuel planner.

Fuel planner is also there :)

that link doesn’t work btw

Yes, you are right, @Skyline7707 can you give me the name of this web?