ETE to DEST has been the same

So I have been flying for almost 4 hours now and my time has been the same for almost for an hour. Can anyone help me solve this issue.

You might be receiving a strong headwind that’s increasing in terms of speed making it stronger. The headwind slows you down and can delay you. Are you also on your flight plan by any chance?

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Yes. I’m currently on track A

Usually going west you are likely to experience headwinds. Especially over the Atlantic, the winds can be very strong and can definitely affect your ETA. As the winds die down it’ll decrease your ETA. As you can see in the image below there’s a good amount of wind that’ll be pushing you back.

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Okay thanks for the help. I thought my flight is be delayed

Can I get a specific altitude?

Nvm my game crashed

Oof. But hey, at least you got the xp and flight time

Sorry to hear that, just to be safe use to find your headwinds

That’s what solo is for. It would very hard to implement this feature already since the live server is laggy with planes. Just always remember to keep your tablet charged ;)

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At fl340 they were really strong. 120+

This would probably explain it:)

my phone has been charging since i took from paris

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I was talking to @Aviation2929

wow bc when i checked it wasn’t that strong

my bad bro

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Remember to use the slider on the right side ;)

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I made one.

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i saw you when i was flying from lfpg to kiah

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