ETE on LiveFlight is wrong

Hi. My ETE in tthe app says 3 hrs 05mins and on LiveFlight it says 8 hrs.

Hey there!

It’s a weird glitch on LiveFlight.

I’m sure @Cameron could explain.



Sometimes LiveFlight has some trouble with Waypoints and will show distorted times, I’m sure @Cameron can explain if there are anymore problems.


I don’t think that’s the issue. Looks to me like LiveFlight is correct or close to correct, and that the op maybe just mistook flight time for ETE.

Could you post what your ETE shows in game in an image @PilotCSG?


It says 3hrs and 03 mins

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You must be going pretty fast with those tailwinds! I guess it is an issue with LF then. Good day!

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I don’t hink M.81 is too fast.

i only have 10% should i remove it?

How would the trim cause it to be tricked?

Along with the waypoint problem, trim can cause aircraft to go slower or faster, but only by a little amount, excluding ULR

You can try, depends on how you configure your airplane, keep in mind this won’t fix the LF problem @Cameron is your best source

Then what “problem” will it fix? ;)

The LiveFlight issue is as previously mentioned, a waypoint issue.

But the flight plan on Liveflight is the correct one. It’s not distorted.

Just speed (not a lot), since that was brought up previously

Sorry about this, it’s estimating a lot of the flight plan and sometimes there is some erroneous data in the mix which causes it to calculate the distance/ETA incorrectly. Working on improving this in the future, thank you for bringing it up :)

(also, no need to tag me multiple times in the same thread, I’ll still see it)


It’s actually too slow. A350 cruises at .85.

Not all the time. I’ve seen A350s cruise countless of times at M.80-.83 as well. Depends on flight optimization

For a long haul, Mach 0.85 is almost always going to be the normal cruise speed. Some very old ones may cruise slower since they were not originally designed to cruise that fast, but 0.85 is generally going to be the one

@PilotCSG if LiveFlight says that your flight time is 3:47 and you have only been airborne for 3:03, that’s okay. It starts your flight time when you spawn in on the ground, therefore you took 44 minutes from start to takeoff. (so that 3:47 is from pressing fly to when you took the screenshot)


They’ve been airborne for 3:31. 3:03 is the ETE to the destination.