ETE issue color red

Hi question I’m currently flying from CYVR-RPLL and my ETE says 13hrs and its on red for some reason I departed 2hrs ago and the flight time to RPLL is I believe 11hrs and I should arrive in RPLL at 12 or 11 in the evening im also using the 777-300er can someone help me at FL400. And this doesn’t happen to me when I do a long haul on a 777-300er

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Usually your ETE will not be perfect especially near the start of your journey as there may be different winds affecting your aircraft, for example now I imagine you are having a strong headwind which is slowing you down. As long as you have packed enough fuel for the usual time of the flight, you should be all fine, the 777 is good at low fuel consumption.

Using FpltoIF gives you an accurate flight time which is a more accurate estimation of your flight time when following the speeds suggested.


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Adding the what @Ecoops123 said,
2 hours in to a 13 hour flight at FL400 is a little to high, ive attached another topic down below, Feel free to take a look for accurate and efficient cruise altitudes.

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You started 2 hours ago and you’re already at FL400? That’s too high. I suggest to take the plane down to FL320 of even FL300 to burn some fuel first. After a couple of hours you can stepclimb your way back up to FL400.

Update, its now white.

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Abt cross the international line

I also cruised at FL370

Climbing to FL380

You want to stick quite low for a while, FL380 should only be a couple hours before landing

Hi there. What i see is you flying in FL 370 and FL 380

This is little guide about FL you should use images.jpeg-17


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Question answered and then some ;)