Ete and eta

why on live flight say i’m landing at 22:00 but on infinite flight my ete is 3 hours 35 minutes?

ETE is the estimated time en route, meaning how long your flight will take (what IF says).

ETA is the estimated time of arrival, which is what Live Flight says (hence why it says 22:00).

The first one (IF) is how long until you reach your destination, and the second one (Live Flight) is when you will arrive.

but in 3 hours it will be 6:30 not 10?

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Live flight isn’t up to date as such so some way points show on live flight incorrect meaning that live flights estimations can be wrong


so shall i not look at live flight shall i just look at the ete on IF?


I would say so. IF’s estimations are fairly accurate whereas with Live Flight it could be off a bit (like Scott Mentioned).

okay thank you for your help

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No problem! :)

Check the way points on live flights map and see if they are where they show on your FPL on IF and if there is one that isn’t in the right place on LF then your culprit is then.

I don’t use LF to see how long flights have left just as it is wrong a lot of the time as it isn’t updated.

So yeah use IF for the most accurate estimations

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is it also normal when you have a tailwind for the ete to go down fast but when the winds are not as strong the ete will go up again?


That’s correct, a tailwind will decrease your ETE.

okay thank you

yeah and for example if it changes from tail to head wind the ete will go up?

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Correct. Tailwind help your speed increase over the fround so your flight time will shorten. If they aren’t as strong then you won’t be flying as fast so ete will stay longer

Correct, tailwind increases your ground speed, whereas a headwind decreased GS

gotcha is it normal when i go to nearly cruise the airspeed goes down a lot?

Yes, so the higher you go in the atmosphere there is less air and so the air going through your pito tubes (what calculates airspeed) will be less meaning your air speed is lower

Yeah correct, airspeed decreases and ground speed increases 🙂

ok thank you sorry for all the questions i’m just so interested in al of it

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Liveflight tends to have problems when you have waypoints really far apart. It measures the time as the time it would take for you to fly from your location, back to the previous waypoint, and then all the way to the destination, because it thinks you’re off course as you’re so far from waypoints. If you have a TATL Track in your FPL, this will happen every time.