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Hey IFC, I just started a flight from Dallas to Sydney and the ETA says I’ll arrive in 14 hours. I know that this is a 17 hour flight. So is the ETA completley wrong, or is it the actual flight time.

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Winds can play a significant factor in the length of your flight. It is most likely fluctuating because of that reason. Also, what is your speed?

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It just goes based on your speed but you will slow down and winds will change so it will be longer than 14 hours.

540 knots ground speed

Mach speed?

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M.86 barely

Try slowing down to 0.85, it’s a bit more standard for the A380. That may tack on 30-40 minutes at best.

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Added 7 minutes to the ETA

Once you are much closer towards the New Zealand/Australia area, you’ll probably see headwinds go as fast as 150kts because I’ve experienced flights with that kind of headwinds flying towards those areas.

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True! Look at this!



This issue like @Thunderbolt said, is dependent on

  • Location (Oceania or North America)
  • Speed
  • Winds

Eventually, it will change, I say don’t trouble yourself, let the long haul proceed with your estimated time, and then, if you’re worried about descent use NM. I got this from a website called

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Alright thanks everyone

@KindaTartySliceOfPie I just did a flight to Sydney yesterday from LAX, at the start it said only 12 hours in length, but as I approached Australia like others said, the winds kicked up a lot and increased my flight time to almost 15 hours

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With a flight that long a tiny change in speed leads to a huge change in ETA.

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