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Someone brought this issue up in the topic about the live server and at first thought he was confused but after looking at my ETA to destination, for the past 10 minutes there is something going on. It’s not going down at the rate it should be. Now I know it does fluctuate throughout flight obviously depending on different factors and obviously it fluctuates a lot in the beginning of a flight but I have almost 500 hours and I’ve never seen this happen. I’m in the middle of a flight and after 10 minutes the ETA has stayed around the same

You may be getting a strong headwind which is putting your flight time ETA back.

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But if I’m on autopilot, shouldn’t my throttle compensate for that? Just throttle up?

And this is my first time looking at them so maybe they were stronger before but right now I only have a 12 knot crossword

Headwind is the wind pushing you against the direction your going. Your throttle is just maintaining what you have set.

I know that but if you have a head wind it would theoretically slow you down because it’s pushing on the plane but if you throttle up you can compensate for that push and go at the same speed you were

You’re correct for most of it, but your airspeed and altitude does not always decide your ground speed, if you’re getting a tail wind, your ground speed is likely to push upwards, headwind, the opposite, pretty much, which will make your flight last longer ;)


All that stuff is very confusing to me but thank you.

No worries! It’s always been confusing to me, but it doesn’t make too much of a difference ;)

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See the thing is for this plate though I don’t have that much wind, it’s 11 knots right now. And my time did this drop by like 8 minutes really fast

Over time as you fly you get lighter which reduces stress put on your engines resulting in more flight time due to engines not working as hard. May be what your experiencing.

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Be aware, that will change throughout your flight, it depends how much distance you have left in your flight. If you have about 15 hours left, your ETA will drop or increase quite a bit, but for a 1-3 hour flight, it shouldn’t make much of a difference

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okay thanks guys appreciate it


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