ETA For Next Update?

What is a timeline or ETA for the next update?

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The devs have a general time frame. They claim they often overshoot that time frame hence we never know.

Since it is taking unusually long, my guesses are:

  1. Lots of content is coming
  2. The content is loaded with bugs
  3. Both are true

I can’t wait. Game is getting boring

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Can’t wait either!! But I’m not bored😂😂

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hahahahaha i can’t stop laughing :D Thx for that picture

Well it’s not getting boring but I desperately want something new ^^


No new content this update, only new features and fixes. We have run into issues with some low level technical details that have been delaying our initial plans; also some of us took a few days of vacations (and still working there).

That being said, we have some great content coming after that :)


You mean Oshkosh?

Unusually long?
Seems that you aren’t playing since a lot, cause in summer 2013 we had to wait almost 5 months for the Boeing 777 update (and other great stuff).

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I started in March, WAY before 2013.

Nope, I’m pretty sure you meant March this year in your reply.

Not trying to be critical here but how do you remember stuff like this

Good memory :)

That was actually amazing!

In my log, it has stuff since march.

Like forever?

I am so excited for this update!! I know that the a320 won’t be in this one, but I’m hoping that they added a cockpit for the a321, tire smoke which they said would be soon in the last update, the tire screeches that were in IF before, a window view, maybe some new weather😁😁😂😂😂.

Does anyone know what had been confirmed?

I agree on that