ET302 Tribute@ HAAB - 230000ZMAR19

Server: Training

Airport: HAAB-HKJK

Time: 0000Z

Date: *2019-03-23T20:00:00Z

NOTAM: This flight is to honor all the lives lost in ET302. Please be respectful, and any Boeing 737 Aircraft is permitted.*

VAs Sponsorship: Currently, No VA sponsors the event, and we are not looking for sponsors. This originally was a Scoot Virtual event, so expect to see some staff attending from SCV.

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EK is emirates prefix, ET is ethiopian prefix, Im assumin you mean ET302


I love the idea and this is definitely something that I would love to take part in should it happen and I be available for it but…putting it on Casual is not something I would recommend. There are bound to be people that are either not good pilots, not respectful pilots, or a combination. This, in my opinion, should be done as an approved Expert Server event with IFATC.

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Is Training okay?

Many IFC prefer to participate in events on training or expert server

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It’s on training now.

I want ease of access for people so more can attend the flight

This is just my personal opinion- I don’t think any VAs should be partners for this event. Letting a VA promote itself for this event is not right in my eyes, and it should just people signing up to honor the memory of those who perished without any VA advertisement. Just my two cents.


Okay, will change. The event is just gonna be lead by SCV staff, as it Originally was an inner SCV event.

Just a nudge for those who might want to attend

Also there is another thred relating to a tribute to ET302 . So you may want to speak to that user. The link is below

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When is this event

March 20th.

Why can’t an event be sometime that isn’t in the middle of the night here.

The time was changed.

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Still middle of the night

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