Estimating flight time

Hello. I have been flying in IF for a couple of years now. One thing has always stumped me. What is the best way to calculate the flight time of a route and the amount of fuel now. Thank you to anyone who replies!!! Appreciate it.


I use FPLtoIF for all of my flight plans. It will give you all the flight time and fuel calculations you need!


Don’t forget it will give you approach and departure routes


Like @Captain_Finck said, Fpltoif is a great resource. It is pretty straight forward to use, and I find that the flight time and fuel predictions are spot on.

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Thanks so much, I really appreciate it!

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Thank you. I appreciate it.

Thank you very much.

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Rough estimate: Distance ÷ Estimate Ground Speed
Precise estimate: Flight Planners (Skyvector, SimBrief)

I use FPLTOIF like @Captain_Finck linked, but if you need a reallly rough estimate, 500NM = Just over 1 hour

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i use a mix of and looking at real world data recordings of flights such as and
Another good source of rough estimated flight times is

Then again i fly basically only realistic routes unless flying privy then i only use

Hope this helps


Scott Paddon

Just use the bottom info! ETE to dest and fuel remaining!

I’ve had troubles with flight planning too and this helps a LOT. Thanks!

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No problem, I’m glad it helps!

You could also do what I do: fly realistic commercially scheduled flights only. In addition to Simbrief/FPL2IF, you could utilize FR24, FlightAware, FlightMapper and other tracking services to find the estimated flight time

this is what i use as well. always reliable.

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It is the best

I’ve always used the general rule of thumb.
15min climb + 450kts average GS + 20min descent = average flight time upon touch down.
I’m usually correct within 5min, give or take a few.
It’s unconventional but it works for me 🤷‍♂️

I am pretty sure the game calculates it for you.

It does, but it is often off, especially during climb.