Estimated Total Flight Time

Although not as important as many flight data configuration additions, it would be nice to know what your estimated total flight time is, similar to the ETE. It would be your current flight time added to your estimated time en route to destination (ETE to Dest). It would be updated every time either the FT was updated a minute or the ETE was updated a minute.

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Also, sorry if this is a duplicate. I did search for the terms “total flight time”, “estimated flight time”, and “total flight time” and found no results.

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We have LiveFlight already, although it does not accurately predict sometimes. Can be pretty useful

This is for in the app itself, not using a third-party resource.

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This would actually be a lot more work to implement than some think. You have to have a system identity the flight path your going to be flying on and capture the coordinates to give back weather information throughout your planned route. They also need a system to identity how the wind is going to affect your flight time depending where you are in regards to the current wind. Once this weather and wind info is received along your flight plan it’ll have to display. Wind velocity varies so at best you’ll be getting your estimate while in an established cruise.

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So it wouldn’t just be adding ETE to FT? In the event that I were to suggest that system for future winds, which I am not suggesting, it would make sense, but that is basically impossible to predict the winds. It involves predicting every air molecule in the real world, which is already impossible, and then translating each bit of information for each molecule into code that wouldn’t overload our devices, which is also extremely difficult. We have the ETE, which is pretty accurate for continuing at the current altitude and ground speed (ft changes as you get higher, as the total distance is greater at FL380 than at FL320 due to the curvature of the earth, like how the inner path of a track path is a shorter distance than the outer one), so would it really be too difficult to add the ETE to the flight time, since calculating every aspect throughout the flight, 8+ hour flights being more difficult, is impossible?

Do you mean like if I.F gets data from and puts it into the game, such as live weather, fog etc?

I do use that because it is relatively accurate, but the further into the future you get, the more unreliable you get, also that isn’t even what IF uses for the current weather information.

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But your flight time can vary depending on the winds you’ll be flying with so you can’t estimate it without having the wind value of things throughout the full flight. Our current system uses an ETE to destination at your current location meaning the winds that are affecting your aircraft at that time. Having to have an actual estimated flight time for the end of the flight has to pose some thinking ahead concepts if you know what I mean. Not sure if I’m grasping it fully.

good idea but there is a solution you can use outside of IF.

you can search for average flight times using this

If we do get a system of a well guaranteed ETE including speed changes during descent as well as future winds, it would be the same concept as current. Add the ETE to the flight time.

Hypothetical: Is your flight time 2:16? Is you’re ETE 9:32? Then my requested Estimated Total Flight Time will show in the flight info at the bottom of the flight UI will show:

Est. Total FT