Estimated timezone minor error

I’ve noticed that whenever I’m passing over an ocean the timezone becomes Etc GMT - or + something depending on whether I’m to the left or right of GMT. When I’m past GMT (Asia or Australia) the timezone shows for example Etc GMT -8. Shouldn’t it be + since it’s 8 hours ahead of GMT time? Whereas when I’m at America it should be Etc GMT - 3 meaning 3 hours behind GMT time? I think it makes more sense.

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Can you please explain your issue a little more, because I’m not really following? Do you mean that when you are flying over Australia, you get (for example) GMT -9 instead of GMT +9?

Also, screenshots would be helpful in this situation.

Yes, as Australia is very big there’re different time zones like Etc GMT -9 and -10. It should be GMT +8, +9 or +10 depending on whether I’m at Sydney or Perth or Alice Springs.

I don’t think a screenshot would be necessary as anyone can encounter this problem. Just spawn in an F-22 in an Australian airport near to the coast and fly out to the Indian Ocean, Great Australian Bight or Tasman Sea and you’ll know what I mean.

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Alright. So I just spawned at YSSY, then KORD it seems that the - is just to separate the Zulu time with the local time (I’m assuming you mean on the time selection screen).

EDIT: Actually I’m on solo so that makes a difference. Won’t be able to help you here sorry as I don’t have Pro.

No if you spawn on the land it shows you Australia Sydney you have to go out to Tasman Sea then it will show Etc GMT -10 (I believe). Zulu time is before and not after because if it’s after it will hit the IDL. - indicates Zulu time is ahead which is wrong.

I don’t understand how flying solo makes a difference, you still get the same timezone.

We’re aware of this issue.

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