Estimated duration of ATC coverage

I always wondered if we could actually see the estimated duration a controller intends to spend at an airport together with time actually spent. For example before a controller begins, he or she inputs the estimated time he or she would likely spend controlling thus all others can properly plan their flights if they wish to encounter ATC coverage. As always constructive criticism is always welcome. Cheers

A lot of controllers don’t exactly know when they’ll close, and if they end sooner or later than they expect, you cause more confusion. You also have to take in to account unexpected real life events, which can happen prematurely. If this was implemented, I’d probably just put in a time that was an hour after I started, and proceed to stay open as long as I wanted. That way people would at least know the earliest time I could close. Don’t really think it’s necessary though.


I like the idea. I’m not sure how to get around things like connection issues and Real Life occurrences, but I like the idea of knowing that an airfield will be covered when I finish a long route.

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We do have minimum times based on airport class. Bravos are at least 60 minutes and Charlie/Deltas are 30 minutes. Most will do over the time, some will go way over.

I wish it would be possible to look ahead and know how long I would be open for. I know I can do at least an hour or else I wouldn’t open. You can see how long a controller has been open for but that can be incorrect depending if the session dropped and the controller had to reconnect. Maybe the devs can come up with something because I do see how knowing can help. This is one of the reasons Tyler posts the recommended airports with the schedule for those who are flying long haul flights can plan. Plus Tyler looks ahead and makes sure the airport has gates, etc.

Filing a flight plan is the most important piece of the puzzle. We can see which airports need service and if one has constant traffic they will most likely be covered first. We also try to spread out to give somewhere to fly to.


I like the idea but like @TheInitialVirus said,many controllers don’t know when they are gonna close.Many also control for fun and it may not too long.Ive seen people doing it for 12hrs -yes really and I’ve seen some doing 30min.Just depends on the controller

I don’t believe any controller is forced to cover an airport so ultimately it’s up to the him or her. Be it for a few mins or multiple hours. It’s just a heads up for all others.

I do like the idea. But all other comments also make a good point. I’m sure in training server this functionality will never work. And it’s obvious. No one is serious in training server.
Adding this to expert is also doesn’t help a lot because it is possible to guess the estimated time. Long haul flights usually have more calculations. Before flying we can just calculate the estimated time and then flight.

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The most time I’ve seen in 16 hours! I mean that’s like the whole time an adult/teenager is awake every 24 hours.

That is either a commitment, or the person that did that (I can’t remember the name) doesn’t have a life :)

I don’t quite get your point though. I’m a bit confused