Essendon Airport Plane Crash

Unfortunately there was an engine failure just after takeoff

##What we know:

  • Pilot’s safety record was clean (other than small near-miss incident in 2015) - friend spoke out and said “he was a very risk-free pilot”.
  • 5 killed, including Australian pilot and 4 Americans from Texas
  • DFO was closed at the time, and was to open in 1 hour from the incident
  • Plane crashed 20 seconds after takeoff at Essendon Airport
  • ATSB is investigating the site and will be looking through the aircraft maintenance record and the pilot’s record - report will be released in 28 days
  • Donald Trump and other friends, family and colleagues have paid tribute to those killed
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I was halfway around the world when I saw this. I actually about to tear up when I read it. It’s so sad that 5 innocent people got killed. Rest in Peace


Essendon Airport reopened this morning. The CEO has defended claims the airport was not following guidelines relating to the runway being too close to residential and commercial areas.

It operated ok for a very long time, so he’s got a solid leg to stand on

Who’s making those claims? The buildings would have been approved by CASA shortly after the DA was lodged, let alone the construction starting, and the stores being open for years! It’s not like Essendon Airport suddenly moved their runways without telling anyone.

The media is, and yes of course it is following the rules.

Sad crash. From what I’ve heard from others it seems like the pilot was doing everything right for the short time after the engine failed and just didn’t have the time to put it down somewhere safely. Looks like there were busy roads and residential areas all around plus the mall. Just a sad outcome course of events. I feel like like when you get a failure that quickly with such a small amount of power there’s not really anything you can do. Specifically in that area.

I hope the airport doesn’t close. It was unfortunate the plane veered over to the left towards the shopping centre. They are very fortunate the centre wasn’t open at the time.

This is really sad :(

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