Essendon Airport Plane Crash

A plane crashed into DFO shopping centre in Melbourne this morning. It was carrying around 5 people.


Oh no, that’s terrible… May they all RIP. 😰😢😥😓😪😭


May they all Rest In Peace 😥

Another aviation incident. May all the victims RIP

My friend told me about this a few hours ago, RIP 😔

Seriously horrifying. One of Australias worst commercial plane crash in over 30 years and also one of the worst in Australia ever.

I saw a video about the crash in local media. That’s pretty bad imho. Any casualities reported so far? I hope everyone will be okay.

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All the people on the plane sadly died

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Oh no! My deepest condolences to the victims and I hope the families can be given more strength in order to accept the truth 🙏

How about the casualities on the shopping mall?


I am 99.9% sure no one was killed or injured in the shopping centre as it was actually closed and was opening like a hour after the crash.

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No one in the shopping mall died

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Affirmative, all 5 deaths were those on board; the Australian Pilot and 4 American passengers.

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Oh dear. Let us all pray that they Rest In Peace and that their families stay happy and well. Shocking incidents like these really do bring the aviation community together.

God bless them and pray for them to rest well.

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How did they crash into the shopping center was it suicide

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I don’t know, let’s just leave it to the NTSB and ATSB to investigate.

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My news station said that they reported an engine failure before they crashed, but they also said it was 4 people that died, so I’m not sure.

It’s sad really. Having your life cut short while spending the trip of your lifetime. My condolences.

May they all Rest In Peace!

this is terrible news. May our thoughts go out to their families