Essen-Mülheim Airport (ESS/EDLE).

Essen-Mülheim was used first, from 1920 until the beginning of WWII, as a civilian airport.
10 days before the outbreak of WWII, on 21 August 1939, an airshow was held on it. The airship LZ 130 “Graf Zeppelin II” (sister of the accidented Hindenburg", was present. Several military aircrafts were also in the airport, such as the Fieseler Fi 156 “Storch”, Fw 200 and Ju 87 “Stuka”.
When WWII began, Lufthansa stop making regular flights, only flying under special conditions.
From November 1939 to May 1940, III/JG26 (3rd Group of the Fighter Wing 26), was stationed in the airfield.
4/JG27 (*1) (4th Group of the Fighter Wing 27) and I/LG2 (*2) (1st Group of the Demonstartion Wing 2) were moved to the airport when plans to attack the West began.
Later in the war, from November 1944 to December 1945, the base was used by the 4/NJG1 (*3) (4th Group of the Night Fighter Wing), which operated Messerschmitts Bf 110G-4s.
1945 (January to March), saw the 2/KG51 (*4) (2nd Group of Bomber Wing 51) operating there with their newly equipped Messerschmitts Me 262A-2a´s.
Today, the airfield is used by business aircrafts.

*1) JG: Jagdgeschwader (Fighter Wing).
*2) LG: Lehrgeschwader (Demostration Wing).
*3) NJG: Nachtjagdgeschwader (Night Fighter Wing).
*4) KG: Kampfgeschwader (Bomber Wing).
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  3. Translated from German with Google Translate.