Espero aterrizajes buenos

Volar sin limites
A topppeee

¡Hola y bienvenido al foro! Por favor trate de mantener todos los mensajes en Inglés . Mientras traductor Google no es bueno que hace el trabajo.
Hello and welcome to the forum! Please try to keep all messages in English. While Google translator is not good that does the job.

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Yeah Thomas, I can tell you don’t speak Spanish… ;)


Be quiet I tried.


Did you? Did you really try? ;)

I’m just going to delete it…was it really that bad? I have an A- in my Spanish 2 class 😂

It wasn’t that bad ;)

Its better than mine and im in spanish 2 H

HOLA! …or something.

Hola! ¿Que tal?

Stay on topic guys :)

How many of you here speak Spanish fluently?

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Which topic is that?.. ;)

¡Hola pepe!, como masonh2479 ya he dicho, es mejor para todos escribir todos los mensajenes en Íngles, por que muchísimas personas el entienden. Y si no sabes escribir en Íngles pregunta una persona española para ayudarte. Espero que tú vas a tener un tiempo muy bonito aquí en el foro, pienso que somos una pandilla simpatiquísima.
Y yo no sé hablar español, sólo lo aprendo en el colegio.


Hopefully I didn’t mess this up, might be embarrassing.

El traductor de google no es muy bueno traduciendo.
But it can be fun to translate stuff just for the sake of searching translation mistakes.

If you’re going send Spanish messages, please provide an English translation.

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That says Carson is a party pooper @Carson

On anther not does this topic really need to be open still?

This topic is a fantastic place to finally use all the **** I learn in school.
But I don’t even know what it’s actually about, google trnsltr does not help either.

Well, the description is about global flight obviously (flying without limits), but the title has to do with landings. And I’m confused. And I’ll just go to bed.

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Not quite obvious, flying without limits could be anywhere, anytime, any aircraft.
And he hopes to have good landings.