Espeng123’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Hi all, I wanted to do some ATC practice to get back into the swing of things. Any feedback is greatly appreciated!


Airport: ----

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Status: OPEN
Airport: KOAK Ground and Tower
Time: 2020-03-07T05:00:00Z2020-03-07T05:30:00Z
NOTAMs: 28R/28L Open for Arrivals and Departures. All Traffic Allowed. Pattern Work Allowed

I am coming in a a359 painted in delta livery

Overall I think you did good, maybe give more commands

You should probably elaborate, he can’t really learn from that.

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Like @TRDubh said it’s a bit vague. You also don’t want to “over control” which can lead you the wrong way in your training. :)

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Ok I guess you did good. When I took off I and said landing you would just say clear to land sometimes and give instructions sometimes. More detail like after departure say enter downwind, base, final, clearance, etc

When someone is Inbound to land or for touch and goes it is always required to give a pattern entry like enter left downwind unless they request for a runway change with a sequence if needed. It’s not sometimes it’s all the time. If someone is taking off remaining in the pattern you do not need to give a pattern entry since they should be told to make right or left traffic on the initial takeoff clearance and execute a normal pattern in the traffic direction given on the takeoff command. You can pm me and I can answer any questions if you have any. ;)


Status: OPEN
Airport: KJFK Tower
Time: 2020-03-08T01:50:00Z2020-03-08T02:30:00Z
NOTAMs: 31L/31R Open for Departures and Arrivals. All Traffic Allowed. Pattern Work Allowed


I suggest not opening at busy airspaces, specially when more than 3 runways and intersecting ones!

Keep it on the skies!

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