espeng123’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

I’m deciding to begin training for IFATC by controlling a lot on the training server this summer. Feel free to come out and fly. Any feedback is greatly appreciated!


Airport: ----

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How long you going to be open, ill swing by here in like 20 min

Status: CLOSED
Airport: KSNA Ground and Tower
Time: 2019-06-02T16:40:00Z2019-06-02T17:15:00Z
NOTAMs: 20R/20L Open for Arrivals and Departures. All Traffic Allowed. Pattern Work Allowed

So you left. I was going to come back and request transition.

Only thing I have was when you cleared me for the option you didnt have to tell me right traffic again.

Next time you should announce that your closing in XX minutes

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Thanks for the suggestions! I will try to make sure I post the time for my “session” earlier and then post a reminder 10 minutes before I close.

Theres an option while controlling to announce that your closing in 1,2, or 5 minutes

Status: OPEN
Airport: KSNA Ground and Tower
Time: 2019-06-04T22:20:00Z2019-06-04T23:20:00Z
NOTAMs: 20R/20L Open for Arrivals and Departures. All Traffic Allowed. Pattern Work Allowed

A bit late but I’ll come until the end. N121TC

Overall good job but a couple things,

  1. You do not need to say “make ______ traffic” every-time you issue a clearance the only time you should say this is if you want the direction to change
  2. Whenever an aircraft requests for a RWY change you need to issue a NEW pattern entry and sequence if needed
  3. You should’ve issued a go-around when Emirates just landed and I was on short final
  4. You never issued Emirates a pattern entry, when there is no approach frequency you need to issue a pattern entry (sequence if needed) and then clearance
  5. When I announced full stop you do not need to re-issue a clearance to land as you already cleared me for the option
  6. The transition altitude was 1000 ft too high if I remember correctly
  7. When I announced inbound you told me to enter right downwind which made me fly all the back across to the other side of the airfield. This might have been intentional but it was very impractical it would have made more sense for me to enter left downwind
  8. When I was on right downwind you asked me my intentions, I was waiting for a sequence number so I know who to follow, but when I answered saying in bound for landing you gave me clearance for RWY 20L when I was on downwind of 20R make sure to issue a new pattern entry if you wanted me onto another RWY (see #2 above)
  9. No exit RWY instructions were given when I landed when there are only 2-3 aircraft on frequency it should not be terribly hard to issue exit RWY instructions
  10. When Envoy was inbound for landing you told him #2 traffic is on right base there was nobody on right base in this case just give him a pattern entry

Still a-lot to work on I recommend watching the Youtube tutorials, I hope to see improvement in the future.


You did pretty good apart from a few things:

  • Try not to clear an aircraft to land which is 20nm from the airport
  • Give a pattern entry before sequencing an aircraft
  • The spacing got a bit close between me and “OL-SARGE”…you could’ve told him to go left downwind to 20L rather than right downwind

Other than the things said above, you did a good job!

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Thank you both for the feedback!


That was interesting explaining I want to thank u about this important information

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