Escorts & Refuelling

Some background: Saw some activity at KASE and so departed from there, did a small pattern and did a touch and go, after the touch and go, I went up to meet @D3nt0n21 in a Lufthansa A330, after some side by side flying, I said goodbye and spotted a KC-10 in the distance and went to link up with @Henry_Clay_Aalders . They graciously lowered the boom, and I refueled, had some minor problems due to lag and the KC-10 lurching forward and back.

Server: Expert
Time: 2021-09-07T06:00:00Z
Route: None

Bring on the photos!



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Awesome! Love the photos!

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Good looking photos.

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Excellent job on these photos, loving the angles too!

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You are more than welcome. A bunch of IFAE Global Air Force Euro Division were at KLSV for joint exercises with the US side. We have tried to have at least one tanker up the majority of the time over the pat 2 weeks.

They are headed back today and tomorrow. So if you wanted to try to cross the pond in a fighter by this evening there should be tankers off Labrador Iceland and Greenland loitering on station.

As far as the jumpiness, server lag. Hopefully it wasn’t too bad for you.


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Amazing Pictures! Really liked all of them!


Yea, thats my only gripe with Air to Air refuelling rn

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