Escorts - Precision at High Speeds

Hello, IFC,

Ever since I started my live subscription, I have been a huge fan of escorting people and being escorted. Most of the time, I escort @anon38496261, but sometimes I just go to casual at LAX and follow someone to practice my skills.

Here are some pics (unedited of course) of my best times escorting Alaska096!

Here we go!

These were shot today over the eastern coast of Japan

This was a few weeks ago at Reno, Nevada

This was one of my first escorts!

Finally, a nice moonshot… because… uhh… I like them I guess

I always want to escort or be escorted! If you would like an escort, just PM me! The escort will be collision-free (apart from lagging issues), just ask alaska096!

Thank You!

Thanks for reading!

Click for full pics!


Great photos! It looks like you had a lot of fun!

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I did!

Thank you!

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Those are all awesome! Especially the one with you upside down against the sun.

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Thank you so much!

BIRB?? 😂

Great pics

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Birb is only for spotting topics…

Bbbbuutttt I’m going spotting tomorrow 😏


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By the way, I just buttered at PANC.

Cargo pilots aren’t too worried about superultramegabutter like passenger pilots are though. I still count it as a great landing.

Also, I was in the car.


I just love that moonshot pic. Just breathtaking.

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Nice pictures and a cool in-car accomplishment 😀


Escorting is super fun and you obvious got some great shots!

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Thank you :)

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