Escorting United E170 to San Diego

Poor United doesn’t know what’s up for him 😜

Social distancing. Who said planes cant social distance?

Coming to hunt

Sharklet view

Gears down all set to land

Me wanting piggy back ride from E170. He said no though ☹️😞.

Happy to help!

I would love to do more


Nice shots! I love the style. I highly suggest removing the player names in the last photo though.

Good photos, and keep up the work!

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Nice shots u got there :))
I recommend just touching up on some of ur mistakes in ur post by reading the s&v rules

How about instead of telling the OP he made a mistake, tell him the mistake he made and how he can improve/fix the mistake?

This photo has the runway numbers and aircraft information text that isn’t allowed in the category. I suggest you retake the image with those settings turned off like the rest of the pics. Other than that, nice pics and I love the editing!


Dang Nice Shots

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Him reading the mistakes i listed out that he made and him reading the official rules for s&v is the same thing

Yeah that was a screen shot from my device, not from the replay screen shot. The rest are from the replay screen shots.

Sorted. :)

Thanks. Glad you liked them :).

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Guys I’ve fixed the last pic.

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