Escorting Tyler!

So way back in August, I saw @Tyler_Shelton flying a CRJ from Vancouver to San Diego, and I decided to give him a safe escort! I chose the F-16 because it had the easiest speed control, and I adhered to the speed limitations of 300 kts below 10,000 and 350 kts above, and I also maintained social distancing of about 100-200 feet 😂

Server: Expert
Aircraft: F-16
Route: KBAB-N/A

Fun fact: this flight he took was used for the locked camera trailer!


Braver then I would ever be! Awesome photos, hope it was a fantastic flight!


It was very fun!


The passengers on Tyler’s plane:


I just escorted him too! He was flying over China. I made sure to stay a mile away, I was scared. Very scared.

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No need to be scared if you’re flying appropriately

I was flying appropriately, I was just scared of connection issues that could impact things.

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Hahhaha, disconncted when escorting tyler: OH NO I’M BANNED!!!

I didn’t disconnect, I had a lag spike which put me a few miles behind him, and didn’t want to speed up so I ended the flight

Let’s escort Tyler again?
I’m at ZUCK

I’m having issues rn so I can’t. Maybe use #live:groupflights