Escorting Tyler in Chicago

Escorting @Tyler_Shelton in Chicago

Hope you saw me @Tyler_Shelton :)


Please don’t tag the mods and devs. It’s an unwritten rule and it is taboo anyway (under normal circumstances)

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Sorry. Won’t do it again :)

It’s alright, we all make mistakes.

I don’t think he saw you, try to be a little closer next time ;)

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Great shots, Owen! Thanks for the escort. ✌


What plane were you in to escort him?

Looks to be the F-22!

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Correct F-22

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No problem!

It looks nice! Might buy it myself :D

Go for it! Is it very fun to fly :)

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The F-22 is my least favorite fighter aircraft. It always gets stuck in uncontrollable spins when I fly it. @natzoo and I call it “the flying saucer” because it looks like that when it spins lol:) @OwenKreisler on the other hand is a great IF F-22 pilot as confirmed by Slackbot.