Escorting today

Saw @GHamsz flying today so i thought lets do a fast escort!
Was definitely fun!

Expert Server
Around 1700Z (If I remember right)
Route: N/A > N/A


These are some awesome photos, they’re quite dark, but it’s just the lighting, not the planes. Great job!


Thanks haha!
Thats just an edit style I tried out there :)

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These are so freaking amazing!!! These need to be submitted to a picture competition!

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Thanks, it’s always fun to get an escort!

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BTW, that turn I made when you pulled up behind me was when I was switching VOR’s. I wasn’t trying to shake you.

Haha all good I just needed the 1 min for the 2 pictures above ^ :)

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Had to try one of those shots…

Late night flight at Reno.

I’ll work on the time of day to get the right lighting.

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Getting a feel for it, next a side view…

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Haven’t figured how to get that high contrast shot of the moon with the aircraft lit up. Tomorrow is another day. 😂

Just give up😂

There is something called editing lmao

I’m sure you can get it with the right time of day. I played around with Starwatch to find the hour and day when the moon was low in the west in the morning. Then I set the replay time to those values. That’s how I got that last shot. I’ll play around with other times and locations some other day.

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Have fun tho :)

You’re doing fine, I still haven’t managed a single “moon shot” 😂😂

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Moonshot is easy, pause the app replay, get freecam and without lateral movement, find the moon, then back away from the aircraft. This will keep the aircraft and the moon in the same view. The further back you go the larger you can make the moon when you finally stop and zoom in.

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Fantastic . As mentioned I think you should enter it for a photo competition. Pretty sweet. Keep it up.