Escorting the pilot who flies upside down

Found a wild @Declan doing a flight to Dubai in the Emirates 777-300ER on ES. Figured I’d offer a little company on part of the journey. Enjoy a little bit of the new locked freecam action


Oh Deer…


Deer can you tell me what Declan was doing that was crazy? In all of your shots he is flying perfectly straight and you are the one doing crazy things. That last photo is the best one though.

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I disagree

777’s go upside down more that fighters, right?

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Those who live in the southern hemisphere are upside down. Even though he appears to be flying normally, IRL he’s upside down. 😜


Gosh I can never get moonshots as good as that one.

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But if you look from my perspective, I’m flying the right side up and you’re flying upside down…

Go figure.


Nice photos Deer! The locked free camera in these photos look amazing! And that moonshot is spectacular 🤩.

I saw you escorting Declan while flying earlier!

Freecam on commercial jets is nothing compared to what you can get on fighters. The shots you can get because of the cam’s horizon being synchronized with the plane are just insane

If a normal pers on did this they would probably lose expert lol. Nico pics.

If you’re respectful and you don’t fly through another aircraft, there’s nothing wrong with escorting another aircraft. Just be mindful. 🙂

“Negative rate, gear down”

Nice shots! 😜


Declan’s on a whole another level

Nice shots Deer.

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Haha first time I’ve seen a mod post a #screenshots-and-videos topic. Great job!

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l m f a o. I’m ded 😂

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