Escorting POTUS


Heads up! Air Force 1 coming right at yah!
Flight Details : KNKX - KSLC


That’s beautiful. Let me know if I could join one of your flights sometime.


@samdog27 Sure man! The more the merrier. 👌🏽😊…we usually fly around 10 PM US eastern time zone. You will see us mostly in the SoCal Region.


Hit me up for a flight.


😬 beautiful picture, controversial idea. But still cool nonetheless


One of the best screenshots I’ve seen here honestly. I just finished watching the movie Air Force 1 for the hundredth time. 😂


-.- I never see you let’s fly


@KyleDepra you know my girls are shy 😂🤫


Do you guys need fighter escorts tonight?


This may be the best photo I have seen yet!


Hopefully Harrison Ford won’t land on a taxiway 😬


@Patrick_Jennings I think we are flying tonight @KyleDepra wants to do A-10’formation flight 👌I just don’t know what s the exact time .


Keep me posted and tag me so I get a notification I’d love to participate if I can


No comment


We have this tomorrow but we’re flying in about a few hours formation of Jets :)) for a video :)) and for fun and awesomeness


6pm ur time around that time :)) or 7


Is this a military plane club?


How was the flight?