Escorting over the Pond!

Randomly escorting pilots over the Pond.
F22 Raptor escorting a BA A388 over the Atlantic.

Guys please leave feedback and rate these photos!

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Thanks a lot guys!
Please give feedback as comments so i can improve on my skills!

Nice photos👍
Be aware though that a lot of pilot do not like being randomly escorted, as it ends any sense of realism. I recommend that you check with people before escorting them in the skies:)


Sure… thanks

No…the highest

Oh, good to know

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I can’t do any better than that, I always fail. You are a professional though! Keep up the great work!

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thanks a lot!..just come up from behind and maintain the speed and heading…you will do gr8!

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Will do! Thanks for the advice.

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