Escorting other aircrafts (flight of 2, 3...)

I looked for information under tutorials and couldn’t find much info - so here I go…

If you are…

  • On a formation (2 or more aircraft flying together, and by together I mean at or under 1nm apart) OR…

  • Escorting or being escorted by another aircraft(s)

Keep this in mid:

a) Use “flight of …” as part of your callsign. So if one aircraft is being escorted by two others, they all should have the “flight of 3” suffix. This is a requirement, if you do not use the suffix you are not flying together, you are three separate flights and you must observe proper separation.

If you do not use the “flight of 3” and try to approaching an airport, ATC will on guard all aircraft in the formation and will request proper separation, you may have to do 360’s or go around and your formation or escorting will be gone. Not complying with ATC instructions ultimately results in ghosting.

b) Only the lead aircraft communicates with ATC, the others follow the same instructions (if the proper suffix is being used as part of the callsign, I repeat, this is a requirement).

Thank you, good day.


For all those which needs more information, don’t hesitate to check out Mark’s tutorials about it! :)


You did a better job than me - I could not find the videos!! 😩

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No worries, your post is an useful reminder anyways. I saw a lot of pilots flying with Flight of X in their callsign while I was controlling KSCK earlier, which is quite disappointing…


And on the other end of the spectrum, DONT use flight of XX if you are not in a group flight / escort

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