Escorting on a new level

Hey there IFC, I saw an escort video and that inspired me to escort too!
But instead of a “yolo” level, I decided to try it on a “professional” level. I taxied regularly and took off via the runway. I also didn’t flew through the aircraft. And all of this on Casual server!
I hope you enjoy the photos I made :)

Flight information

Route: n/a
Plane: F22
Flight time: n/a
Server: casual


Taking off, trying to catch up with my plane

I hope you enjoyed these pictures, fly safe 😁


Those are some nice shots!

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Thanks mate 😊

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Standby for a fun police “we don’t encourage this type of behaviour”…

Looks awesome great shots!

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I do, if you don’t troll at least.😅

Thank you very much😊

Cool! I love that sunset too, good thing you did it on casual.

That moonshot looks awesome, Great photos! Now if only I could fly the F-22 better.