Escorting Misha

Well I was bored so I decided to escort @MishaCamp. Lol thx for not reporting me. Anyway Lets just get to the pics

Background = Indianapolis
Server = Expert

Let the escort begin!

Getting Closer

Coming back around for a second time

And finally I have 2 moonshots! They are my first ever successful

Thanks for taking a look at my photos. Any feedback is appreciated!

Also, which photo was your favourite?

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What have I begun… lol


You did a great Job!

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Does anyone ever stop to think maybe staff don’t want to be escorted…? I mean, one flight doesn’t seem like a major issue, but I feel like staff are being escorted all the time now.

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at the end of the day you can always make pilots disappear by turning your airplane count to none… if I have an aircraft maintaining distance not causing any fuss, I wouldn’t mind it… when you get into the infinite flight team you know you are widely respected and people will want to fly with you, it makes them look cool. Not a moderator so can’t speak from personal opinion… guess you will just have to ask them yourself… Totally get your point though! ✌️

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Nice pictures 😀 Misha is really popular today!

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Awesome photos. Picture number five, AMAZING! 👌

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Thanks everyone :)

I dunno why but that JetBlue A320 looks like Misha to me smh