Escorting Misha Camp [Part 2]

So today in the Flash Flight I’ve decided to salute some planes and I saw Misha, again. It was a short spot because unfortunately he disappeared from the map :(

Server: Expert
Time: During the Flash-Flight
Aircraft: F14

Hello @MishaCamp , I don’t know what happened to you but you disappeared from the map (I did nothing)

@Marcel_NG002 at FL370


@IF-Mallorca has been ejected


Wow! These are spectacular photos. Keep it up!


I had not time to be closer that 3nm. I was still intercepting the flight plan. No separation rule has been broken sir. One time I flown literally 100m at his left over the UK and nothing happened, he even replied my original thread saying there’s no problem for escorts if you dont get extremely close.

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I guess you should launch a search and rescue party over where the plane disappeared lol

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Or maybe his wifi went down or he just left since he had to go do something there are other factors that could have made him leave his flight.


Exactly, I doubt a staff would disconnect for having a player escorting them while they can disconnect the player lol

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