Escorting in the Training Server

Hello everyone this is the first time that have ever did a sucessful escort in Infinite Flight. Here is my screenshots of me escorting passanger jets inbounding to Brazil.

Parked at the Aerospaticle Apron stand at Toulouse Bilagnac LFBO.

Departure on runway 32L.

Escorting @Capt Walt at 38,00ft.

Escorting the Air Portugal a330 neo at 36,000ft.

Here is another angle of the Gruman F-14.

Landing at León-Virgen Del Camino on runway 23.

Parked at the Military Apron 01B at León-Virgen Del Camino LELN.

Flight time: 53 minutes.
Departure at LFBO.
Arrival at LELN.
Escorting altitudes 38,000ft then to 36,000ft respectively.
Aircraft: Gruman F-14.
Training Server.


I did some escorts as well, take a look!

And this is the closest I could get 😁

Let’s try some formation flight together!


Here is my escorting random plane going through North Korea.


Now that you mention it I always want to do on of those. But I will only fly the Gruman F-14, I am slowly getting attached to that military aircraft. Plus I am doing some training in it lol.

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I’ve had people escort me randomly i love it! These 2 screenshots were actually on casual server!