Escorting GAT. @captain_merka Above the Swiss Alps

Hello, IFC,
Here are some pictures I took while escorting my buddy @Captain_Merka above the Swiss alps during a GAT flight!
BTW I also saw @Ravager41 in an A350 :)
Aircraft: F-16 and MD-11
Server: Expert
Place: 35,000 feet

Which is your favorite?

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Thank You!

Oh, and by the way…


Click for full pictures, they are not badly cropped :)

Now those are some great photos, that 5th one is just awesome!

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The 5th one is 🤩👐

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These are amazing! Thanks for doing that.

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@Robertine Those are amazing man!


Nice pictures!!

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Definitely like the last one, the view from under.

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