Escorting DLVA and WSVG

Alright so many people know about the long line created down the west coast by DLVA and WSVG today from LAX to YVR, i decided to escort some members in my F-22 starting at RNO.

⚠️ All members I escorted were harmed by the barrel rolls I did less then 25 feet from each aircraft ⚠️

The first person was @MrMrMan for DLVA over Sierra Nevada

@MDoor was next for DLVA near the Oregon / California border

I flew by @Jmacd20 's wing for a little over Redmond, Oregon

Me Vibing over Mount Adams

@MJP_27 is our first WSVG member that j escort over Mt St Helens!

@JulietTango and me over the Border of Oregon and Washington

Me near missing and doing 15 barrel rolls over @Infinite_Qantas as we begin our approach into Vancouver

Then i realize i have 10 minutes of fuel and make an emergency landing at Abbotsford before continuing

Since no light aircraft allowed in CYVR i ask for a transition and @Guxk approves to get some nice shots over the airport

I then land at CZBB with 17kt crosswinds =)


Still sad you didn’t reach me 😤


Oh I didn’t realize that was you haha. Thanks for knowing how to utilize a transition!

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i tried my best doing mach 2 but you were at the front of the pack 😂

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Nice photos! Thanks for escorting me!

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Neat shots! Thanks for getting permission to escort us and behaving responsibly with your fighter :)

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Nice shots! Thanks for the escort!

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