Escorting Croatia Airlines A319

So today I was called by a friend from discord saying that there’s a Croatia Airlines A319 flying towards Zagreb with the callsign Croatia 123VA.
So I said, hay let me go and check this pilot out, so I got in my F16 took off and flew super sonic. And at the end it was beautiful. I stayed for at least 5min and broke off and went RTB.

No problem just keeping you company @Batikan_E thanks for flying Croatia Airlines the future VA.


Hey mate!

Unfortunately this type of photo is not allowed. It is against the rules to include:

  • Controls
  • HUD
  • Player names

Please use Replay Mode to create distraction-free shots.

Also on a side note I wouldn’t throw the callsign out there, some pilots don’t really want to be “recognized”.


Something wrong with them engines


Wilco, I’ll fix it up.

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Hey we were trying to take a picture for BAVA at EGLL when we saw him :) @theoneeyedtenor

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Nice photo, just remember what Alec said👍