Escorting @Bronze_trex


Escorting @BurritoLeo for the last hour of the flight.

Short hop for me RKSI➡️ZSPD for @BurritoLeo it was a long 19 hour flight from SEQM➡️ZSPD

Now for the fun part!

1.Crusing at 38,000 feet.

2.Turning on to final!

3.Inbound for landing.

4.Super close to landing!

5.On role out the landing for me was a little rough! @BurritoLeo had an amazing landing.

What was your favorite photo?

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I like the pictures!

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I enjoyed the company. Love the pictures!

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It was hard hold stable next to someone because I was unable to us A/P but it was fun and good practice.

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Yeah I know I’ve tried escorting many planes. Either gone too fast or went through it. I am still practising though.