ESCORT01’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Hello community members,

In this topic I am going to show up all my ATC locations during the weeks.

I am going to do the IFATC test soon and I’m very motivated and interested in air traffic Controlling.
So come along flying and feedback would be appreciated!

I will be mostly controlling tower / ground.

You may also request for ATC at any location you want.
Be aware that I am not always available to control.
(I will try to respond as fast as possible)

Status: closed

Airport: N/A

closing at:

(I passed to IFATC)🎉

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Airport: KLAX
Only tower
No Pattern work

I would advice against controlling at KLAX because you will be distracted by the amount. Of people and would be hard to see what you are doing a good airport for a tracking thread is KSAN.


Thx for the information
I will think about this next time

Your welcome @Edivan_dcds

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airport: LEMG
pattern work allowed

Come practicing my ATC skills or do a stop by!

(Training server)

LEMG now closed!

pattern work allowed

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Food delivered earlier. Brb. 2507

Eehm what do you mean?

Cause i quit before was even taking off. I ordered food… however… coming back now ^^

Oh ok. All good!

Enjoy your food then😂

EIDW closed

Thanks for coming @NeoPauliMittwoch!

Really good job dude, got pretty busy at the end but you handled it like a beast lol :) good job

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Thank you very much. I really appreciate that :)

You‘re welcome. I think you know all the stuff. All little mistakes were corrected afterwards. I tried to challenge a bit with smaller patterns. You saw that and changed the sequence, bravo.

I would recommend to use an airport with 2 parallel runways. That would make it more exciting for pilots and more challenging for you cause of pattern entries :)

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Tag me next time when you open :)

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LFBO now open

Pattern work allowed

Open til 2019-04-10T16:30:00Z

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LFBO now closed

Thx to the people who came along. @KC3DLL @Jet_Airways_995 If you have feedback, put it down below.

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My feedback is via PM :)

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