Escort Request (London)

Hi, requesting an escort.

SERVER: Training Server

Route: EGBB-EGLL (Birmingham to London Heathrow)
Call Sign: Speedbird 0 Heavy
Purpose: Transporting Her Majesty & Prime Minister
Aircraft: Airbus A321 (Generic Livery)
Escort Vehicles: Any Military Vehicle

After Takeoff will climb and maitain 10,000ft at Speed 360 (at 10,000). Escort vehicles should copy flightplan

Runway 33- departing straight out

Heathrow Airport
Runway 27R (ILS approach)

After landing will taxi to parking


ill escort you if the offers still there

im coming there now what terminal you at

Yep that would be great, I’m still currently at the airport terminal.

Terminal 16

im coming there now what aircraft shall i come in

Any Military Aircraft, don’t mind.

im coming now give me 2 mins :)

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Thanks for that. Slight hitch at the end, as my APPR wasn’t configured properly .

you can escort me if youd like and ill make a video for my youtube channel and feature you in it?

Ok sure, what time? I’m busy for the next 30mins ish

How about in 10 mins that ok? Inbox me and I’ll send you the flight plan :)

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