Escort President Trump! [Training Server 1, Global]

President Trump is leaving the White House on a quick trip to visit Chicago. As always, he needs to be guarded! Join me on a short flight from Washington DC to Chicago and protect Air Force One!

I’ll be flying Air Force One and need an elite group of pilots to make sure the President gets to Chicago safely. Come in any military plane! Fighter jets are encouraged, but not necessary!

When do we need you? Right now! Sign on within the next few minutes to depart with the President, or catch up with us later on! If you depart with me, copy my flight plan.

We will be flying in TS1, departing KADW from runway 19R, climbing at an aggressive 3,000fpm up to FL320, cruising at M0.87, then descending at 1,500fpm into KORD, landing on runway 28R (weather-permitting. Be prepared for a runway change).

I haven’t done any calculations, but the flight should be less than two hours. Use this flight to build some XP and some much-needed flight time!

I hope to see some skilled pilots in a few minutes! When I push back, the mission begins!

what does TS1 mean srry

It’s the training server

It means Training Server 1

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ohhhh thanks for the help

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I will go. It sounds grate to me

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