Escort option?

Hey Guys I’m back,And I have been thinking about something that someone else might have not thought of (I’m desperate at this point)So I searched escort option,ATC escort,and got nothing.So here I am making this post.So basically if your a pilot there will be a option that says “Request a Escort”(only When there is live ATC) It goes to the ATC then from there what the ATC can do is Either Click on "Sending Jets"or something like that or he/she can click "Jets unavailable"or something like that when he/she clicks “Jets unavailable” It just sends that to that pilot.But when he or she clicks the other one it will open up to another section and there will be a list of players using jets (The jets on the map will be in Dark Red) So after they chose a Player that player will get a message saying "The person requesting a escort"needs a escort then the player that’s flying the jet gets 2 options “Affirmative"or"Negative”
and That’s it Finger crossed no one else did this please

Let me know what you think


We use flight of ___

No need to add some commands that we already have.


Honestly This is a open community where you can post what ever you want if it follows the rules +This is a idea not something where someone complains about everything


But I’m pretty sure it’s known that there shouldn’t be feature requests for current features. Also, I believe there shouldn’t be this because it doesn’t support the community’s creativity as well, because we have these user-created projects like IFES that get attention and show what our users can do.


I belive this has not yet been added

That would be cool!

I appreciate that you are agreeing with me ;)

Interesting idea.

There is a group called IFES ( Infinite Flight Escort Service) or do something similar. Search for IFES and you should find their details.


Yes I know about this group but this is a feature and it can possibly help this
Group out because adding the e in your name is not such a keen idea


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Again read the replie I made above

Yea quick complaint session that will most likely be removed…couples with @ProFlight earlier response.

Some users are so quick to put down ideas and quote the forum rules that they miss the intent of the original topic. At the end of the day we all are playing with a “simulator.” Careful as to not be too narcissistic.

I think this is a great a idea with a little tweaking and makes a more intuitive feature than anything currently offered.

Happy Landings!

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I appreciate that you are agreeing with me ;)

Now I don’t normally suggest a poll however on this occasion perhaps one would be useful to see how many people are actually interested in having an escort service…?

Personally it’s not one for me as I don’t think it’s very realistic, you very rarely see large airliners flying close together, and not very often even fast jets, however they are more likely to be seen together. But that is the joy of IF is that we all use the flight sim in different ways. Some of us treat it as a serious sim whilst others treat it like a game whilst others do a bit of both! There is room for us all!

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  • Yes I Want A Escort Option
  • No I Don’t Want A Escort Option

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There is something called Virtual Airlines to fulfil this, instead of wasting developers time on this (we need the scenery updates) just join multiple VA’s and have fun. This is a simulator not a game btw


Yes but I’m pretty sure most of them require a booking when most people will probably feel it’s easier to just request it in ATC when they feel like it, I agree with you though as there are more important things and that escorts aren’t not very realistic for a flight sim


I completely agree with Natzoo and Aaron on this subject


this is old, but I wanted to expand, what if your plane passes the airport, and the nearest ATC is trying to get to you? then there could an escort vo, or atc can press a button to send ai fighter jets.