Escort on the expert server?

Hello IFC,

I just wanted to ask if it is allowed to escort someone on the expert server. I’ve just got someone who has copied my FPL and is now following me with a 777. I’m flying to Innsbruck and that plane is way too big for that. However I thought, that I’ll descent 100ft to keep at least a bit of distance to him but he also descended to me. It’s a bit annoying because that destroys the realism of this FS

Maybe speak to this person directly. Escorting is allowed however only under certain conditions which can be seen here in this post I saw earlier:

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This is different though because it is 2 commercial aircraft just feet apart and they are at the same altitude. So it’s not allowed.

I also thought about talking to him directly but I don’t really think, that this will really work. His profile is pretty inactive.

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You can also speak to an IFATC person or moderator

It’s on the expert server. I would’ve nothing against it, when he would that on the Casual server

You can try going higher and slowing down for a period of time, that would make them impatient and
would make them want to leave formation with your aircraft
Also why do you have your trim set to 20% at cruise altitude?

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Forgot to set that down after T/O Ty for telling

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Just curious what aircraft are you flying and where are you on the map right now?

This is not considered “escorting”. You’re both in commercial aircraft and neither of you are in a “Flight of 2”. If both users are away, it’s something that as controllers cannot report for - it’s accidental.

This seems to be the case here, and being that the user in question is in a 777 that cruises faster, the aircraft coming closer and eventually passing you is expected. However, if they’re away and you’re not, the onus is on you to maintain separation by descending or climbing. Honestly, both users are at fault here.

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Flying from the Gran Canaria’s to Innsbruck somewhere over the African continent

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Hello! If you feel that someone isn’t maintaining professionalism and breaking separation rules (which they are here), I’d recommend to send a PM to @moderators with the username of the person and with proof of it.

Im descending a climbing and he’s still following so I’m pretty that this isn’t an accident
The status is active

Again, if the 777’s status is “Away”, they are not breaking reportable separation rules unless they are descending or climbing while in this status.

The thing that I’m saying is that in the original post, whenever he descended, the other guy descended 100 feet also. So he couldn’t have been away

Descend 1000 feet or more and report back.

so he should be reported.

Also @Ado, for future reference the minimum vertical separation is 1,000 feet. So I’d recommend descending a full thousand feet instead of one hundred feet.

Climbing rn to FL350.
He‘s also climbing now

Message @moderators with your whereabouts.