Escort into India

Yesterday, my friend @AmericanB772 was doing a flight from Newark to Delhi, India. To welcome him to India, I decided to escort him (with his permission) into Delhi International airport! Here are some photos from this flight, let me know which one you like the most.

Flight info

Server: Training
Aircraft: blue angles F/A-18, United 787
Photo editor: Adobe Lightroom

Descending into Delhi

Turning base

@AmericanB772 buttering the landing despite heavy fog

Another successful escort in the books!

Which is your favorite?

  • Photo #1
  • Photo #2
  • Photo #3
  • Photo #4

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This was such a fun flight, and I got some great photos out of it. As always, have a great rest of your day!


I like the first one 🙂

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Thanks! :D

The centerline…😬

In his defense there was like 50 feet of visibility lol

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India Virtual welcomes you to Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport.


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Thanks 😊

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