Escort at London

Hi, requesting an escort.
SERVER: Training Server

Route: EGBB-EGKK (Birmingham to London Gatwick)
Call Sign: Speedbird 7823
Purpose: Transporting Her Majesty & Prime Minister
Aircraft: B747-400 BA livery
Escort Vehicles: Any Military Vehicle

After Takeoff will climb and maitain FL260 at SPD 280KT vehicles should copy flightplan

Runway 33- departing straight out

Gatwick airport

After landing will taxi to parking

Take down my other post if you want not this

Yes please
I would

Alright, I will set one up

I will try to alert Infinite Flight Military

Uh ok whatever is the best

I don’t think they are online right now.

So, were unable to attend


Hello, this is Neal from Infinite Flight Escort Services. Instead of posting on the community, you can contact us on our website and book an escort in advance. Thank you.

-Neal Jha, IFES and IFM

It’s ok hopefully someone else can

Last time it didn’t work for me

Would you like me to put out a message to escort you on our slack team?

If I can get it within five to ten mins

Sure thing. Give me a second. How many fighters and what liveries would you like?

As many as I can get as the screenshots will look good

Any livery should I get ready now??

Sorry sir. I have contacted my squad officer and he said it must be filed 12 hours in advance. They said they cannot escort you. Thank you for your time.

Oh well I’ll try to get someone else

Yeah I’m sorry about that. I’m only a member and a pilot, it’s not my rules.

Next time make sure you contact us in advance!

Ok I’ve definatly will

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Thank you. Once again our website is